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Premiere Clubs, Municipalities, Boroughs, Travel Teams, In-House Leagues

Team & Youth Organization Training

Pittsburgh Soccer Academy offers training for single teams as well as entire club, travel, or in-house programs. We’ll work with your team managers to design a series of practices that fit the needs of your players – whatever age or skill level.


Team Training

Team sessions are organized specifically to the needs of the team. During Team Training we can focus on the technical, physical, and mental components, as well as the tactical aspect of the game. We will makes sure to spend extra time in areas where the team is lacking, to make sure every one is on the same page. When conducting a Team Training session, we will work on more complex drills in order to naturally improve each players soccer IQ. We are able to incorporate advanced possession drills, movement off the ball concepts, and attacking/defending as a group, etc. And finally, we are able to help players understand their roles within different soccer formations.

Youth Organizations

PSA Specializes in working with Youth Organizations (In-House & Travel Teams). PSA will sit down with your Board Members and come up with a specific game plan tailored to helping accelerate the development of the youth teams within your organizations. PSA Coaches will come to your fields and runs the sessions. They will focus on all the fundamentals and make sure the players are using proper technique so that they can build a strong foundation from which they can excel. The other major benefit of PSA coaches coming in and working with you youth teams, is that they can work specifically with the present coaches/volunteers and introduce them to new exercises and coaching techniques to utilize during their own sessions.